Residents of Wellingara have praised the embattled Jah Oil company for helping to end criminality in their area. 

Jah Oil company is currently facing a fine of nearly one million dalasi from the regulatory authority, PURA, for “illegally” constructing petrol stations in Wellingara and Kairaba Avenue.

Now residents are rallying around the company and said they have been supportive of the community. 

One of the residents an old woman (who preferred anonymity) was in tears as she detailed how the company continues to support dozens of needy people in the community.

“This Jah Oil is good here because it has helped this community a lot by stopping criminality. 

“This place [the petrol station] was where many of our sons learned smoking and it was a very scary place because it was a dwelling of bandits,” the old woman said. 

“No one dares to stand here after 7pm but now one can stand here even at 3am and nothing will happen to you,” she added. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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