L-R: Former comrades in arms, Edward Singhateh and Sana Sabally, reconciled at the TRRC Offices on Wednesday

Sana Sabally, former vice chairman of the AFPRC Junta, has settled his bitter dispute with Edward Singhatey, in a rare act of reconciliation at the TRRC offices on Wednesday.

Mr Singhateh arrested Sana Sabally and Sadibou Hydara, two influential members of the defunct AFPRC Junta, in 1994 on the orders of then chairman Yahya Jammeh.

Mr Sabally was handed a 9 year prison term for an alleged coup plot and Mr Sadibou died in custody while on trial.

However Mr Singhateh told the TRRC on Monday that the coup charges against Sabally and Sadibou were “false” and “politically motivated”.

Mr Sabally in an act of reconciliation said he held no animosity for his former comrades, Edward Singhatey and Yahya Jammeh.

Sabally and Singhateh hugged in a rare act of reconciliation

“I initiated the reconciliation talks with the view of reconciling with my brother here, Edward Singhatey,” he said.

“I have said it from the day I left the prisons that I have forgiven you all. Even if Jammeh was here today, I will tell him the same.”

Edward Singhatey said Sanna Sabally was a close friend of his during their army days. He expressed regret for the incident that led to their fallout.

“We should not have been in this situation right now. This is not what we decided in 1994. I can remember both of us said this country will be a paradise.

“I thank God for bringing this day in my life. I cannot express the regret my contribution had put you through and what your family went through. At least today we have shock hands and as we used to do before what happen happened,” Mr Singhatey said.

The AFPRC Junta toppled the PPP government of former president Sir Dawda Jawara and ruled the country from 1994-1996.

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