Seedy Njie, deputy speaker of the National Assembly of The Gambia, has called for the promotion of inclusivity in societies to fight intolerance and inequality. 

The MP made the call during an address to the 146 Inter-Parliamentary Union General Assembly in the Kingdom of Bahrain

“Promoting inclusive societies to fighting intolerance, social and economic-inequalities, and discriminations is an incumbent duty not only on us as politicians and parliamentarians but on all citizens for a just and peaceful world, for it is the surest way of continuous and sustained development of our constituents globally.

“This is the only way forward if we really want to weather through successfully in today’s world of hostilities, polarisations, and divergent interests,” he told the gathering.

“In today’s globalised world characterised by conflicts, and geopolitical interests, it has been a year since Russia invaded Ukraine, and sparked a conflict that has generally affected all nations and countries directly or indirectly, and affected living conditions of people we represent.

“It has contributed to the rise and hike of prices of commodities and inflations of all economies worldwide while ordinary people suffer daily. 

“Sadly, innocent civilians have been cruelly caught up in the conflict, with thousands of lives lost and millions displaced since February 24th, 2022, and the actual numbers likely to be much higher,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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