Senegalese investigative journalist, Pape Ale Niang, has hit back at Gambia government spokesman Ebrima G Sankareh over corruption allegations.

The journalist was reported to have done a story alleging that President Barrow and Tourism minister Hamat Bah recently purchased a vast plot of land in Senegal at the tune of $227,000, a number of other luxurious properties, and holding various bank accounts.

Gambia Government spokesman Ebrima Sankareh denied the claims saying the allegations are the “darkest lie ever orchestrated against him and his person,” adding the president may consider legal action against Niang.

But reacting to the government’s statement, Pape Aly Niang, said: “when I heard Barrow’s spokesman say: they are planning to take legal action against me, I said to myself I am eager for them to take legal action against me so that I can in turn sue them for accusing me without proof. 

“Because whatever I do, I do it right with facts and I don’t hide doing what I want to do. I have a website.”

“President Adama Barrow should fire his spokesman because he is not competent to do what he is tasked to do. 

“Because if he is incompetent enough for his position, he would have found out to know when he received the information.

“I am waiting for them to sue me and let them go to the highest court and sue me, then I will in turn sue them because they accuse me of something I didn’t do.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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