On this auspicious day of women empowerment historian Ebrima Jawo narrates the extraordinary  story of the brave women of Walo who fought gallantly against European imperialism and occupation in the Senegambia region.

The Mboge family were very important and were the barracks (nobles of Walo).  We hear Mboja farra Mboge gelewar yee. The notable story of Talata Nderr when the women of Walo under the leadership of Linguere Fatim Yamar Mboge, mother of Njembat Mboge and Ndateh Yalla Mboge mother of Seedy Ndateh Yalla Diop led the resistance against the French who dominated, oppressed and suppressed them.  

The women of Walo got themselves into a house and set themselves alight. Linguere Fatim Yamar Mboge and her team of women chased the French out of the city of Nder when most of the men were out of town. 

When the French returned with more sophisticated weapons with the motive of capturing and enslaving the women, the all got themselves in a house and set themselves alight rather than been enslaved. 

This is the reason one hear so much about talai nderr. The incident happened on a Tuesday mid day 7th March 1820 exactly 200 years ago.

The following ruled Walo including Ndatteh Yalla Mboge the woman who stood against the  french colonialist in senegal and she went into war with them and they kidnapped his son Seedy Ndatteh who was adopted and educated by the French. 

He later joined forces with the local rulers including Lat Dior Jobe and fought the French in Walo area.

NDIADIAN NJIE, BARKA MBOGE,  TIAKA MBAR MBOGE, Amadou Family Doumeu Mboge, Thioukly Mboge, Ma Togo Tagne Mboge, Ndatteh Yalla Mboge,  Fara Yirim Mboge,  pMagtago  Yirim Mboge,  Dembane Yirim Mboge,  Ndia Kumba sarr Jakhere Mboge, Fara khet Mboge,  Njack Gera Ngar Mboge, Njack Kumba Njie Name Sango Mboge and all the others. Halifa Babacarr sy and many important religious leaders were born in Ndar the first capital of Senegal. 

Happy International Women’s Day.

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