Mile Two chief officer, who is on suspension, has admitted to given 15 strokes of lashes to Fallou Ceesay, a prison inmate for allegedly harassing private Fatoumatta Jarju overtly.

Malang Tamba is among prison officers who are adversely mentioned by prisoners who had testified before TRRC.

In a chilling testimony, Mr Tamba said he received a complaint accusing the prisoner-tailor of ‘torching the breasts’ of the prison warder and he then launched his investigation by questioning the duo.

“As I was at the Prison Chief’s Office, a report came to me by TIC Sub-Inspector Muhammed Jabbi and one Fatoumatta Jarju who came to my office and complained to me that Fallou Ceesay harassed Fatoumatta Jarju by torching Fatoumatta’s breasts.

“Immediately I received the information, I called Fallou Ceesay. I questioned Fallou Ceesay and he admitted. But he told me that Fatoumatta is his girlfriend and I turned and questioned Fatoumatta and Fatoumatta denied that’s not true.

He added: “And I asked Fallou where do you know Fatoumatta? he said ‘here in the prison.’ I said how do you came in contact with Fatoumatta until you became boyfriend and girlfriend? He told me at the tailoring workshop, Fatoumatta will bring her clothes and I will sew it even if it’s not her turn.

“And I told Fallou hence your witness said it is not true, which means you sexually harassed my officer in the presence of officers who were there. I said because of this offence, I am going to give you 12 lashes as stated in the Prison Act, but immediately when I started giving him 12 lashes inside the clinic, I came to give him 15 lashes which I know was very wrong.”

The TRRC hearing continues.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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