Two Guinean nationals have accused politician Musa Yali Batchilly and his associate of fraud after taking 16,000 euros on a promise to take them to Nicaragua.

Mohammed Sow and Mamadou Diallo told Gambiana that they have been left stranded in Banjul and couldn’t reach Batchilly and his associate, Mamadou Sagna.

“Batchily and his guy, Mamadou Sagna, stole 16,000 euros from us. They took this money from us promising to take us to Nicaragua. It’s five months now since they took the money. We are still stuck in Gambia without any information about the trip or our money. 

“They left us in an isolated area. We are two young Guineans from Conakry that are now stranded in Gambia without money and place to live.”

“We make this appeal to the government of the Gambia to help us. Batchily and his associate have our money and we can’t reach them,” the desperate Guineans pleaded. 

They said they met Mamadou Sagna, Batchilly’s agent, in Guinea Bissau who convinced them that Batchilly can help them travel to Nicaragua and then onwards to the United States if they can afford to pay €16,000. 

They said they then followed Sagna to Banjul to start the travelling arrangement. 

They claimed that after making the payment, Batchilly and Sagna disappeared and stopped receiving their calls. 

They said the case was reported to Brusubi Police Station who summoned Batchilly. He was later released without paying them their money. 

Batchilly is a Gambian politician and leader of the opposition Gambia Action Party. 

He has been embroiled in several cases of alleged fraud and racketeering. 

Gambiana contacted Batchilly multiple times but his phones were off. 

Our reporter also left him a message on his WhatsApp for comment on the allegations against him but he is yet to reply to the message. 

Gambia Police Force acting public relations officer Modou Musa Sisawo told Gambiana that Batchilly is wanted by the police.  

“Mr Batchilly has been involved in lots of issues recently. I think recently that was why he took an oath in our office when he was arrested. And I am also aware that he is wanted in Bundung and Anti-Crime police stations. So, there are lots of issues happening at the moment.”

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