Alhagie S Darboe, the United Democratic Party’s senior administrative secretary, has asked the party executive and members to desist from talking about the party’s flag bearer issue in their forums.

Mr Darboe’s call comes amid a contentious issue about the party’s leadership ahead of the 2026 presidential election.

”All audios related to the flagbearership issue in all affiliated UDP forums should be deleted forthwith by the group admins and those who are associated with the position should not entertain it, as it will only divide us rather than unite us. The party doesn’t have the issue of a flagbearer in their activity plan as the flagbearer will be selected in 2026.

“We should all focus on 2026 and not entertain the discussion of flag bearers in our forums and platforms. The UDP flagbearer position should not be attached to any individual from the party leader to the last member until 2026, when it will be open to all members who wish to apply,” he said.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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