Members of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) including the party’s senior members have remembered the victims of April 14, 2016 crackdown.

The Jammeh government arrested several UDP members including Ebrima Solo Sandeng while they were protesting for election reform in 2016. 

Sandeng died hours after his arrest while detained at the now defunct National Intelligence Agency while dozens of UDP members were tortured in custody. 

UDP members yesterday (14 April) marched to the Youth Monument in Westfield Junction to remember the fallen heroes of the party for fighting and dying for the better course of The Gambia.

They chanted “we need justice for Solo Sandeng and co”, “No justice without a new constitution”, “We still have the 1997 constitution which killed Solo Sandeng and co”, “No more police brutality”, “Never again”, “Solo Sandeng was killed for Gambia”, “Where is electoral reform”, “we stand with the legacy of Solo who died for Gambia”. 

They also called for introduction of a new constitution and reparation for the victims with justice. 

Speaking at the remembrance ceremony, Falang Sonko, senior executive member of United Democratic Party, said: “Adama Barrow appoints people who participated in beating and killing us to provoke us. But we aren’t relenting to make sure we have the best Gambia. Someone who promised to rule for 3 years is now ruling for 10 years.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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