A boda-boda, or motorcycle taxi, driver wears a makeshift mask made from a local fabric known as Kitenge as he looks for customers. (AP Photo/Patrick Ngugi)

People in Uganda have contributed a total of about $6m (£4.8m) to help the government finance the provision of cars and medical supplies, to support efforts to fight coronavirus.

Many African countries have weak and underfunded health systems but Uganda is relying on preventing the spread of the pandemic by drawing on lessons learned from containing outbreaks like Ebola.

Covid-19 threatens not only people’s health, but the national lockdown has caused food insecurity and that shortage of basic supplies prompted ordinary Ugandans to start giving food donations.

The efforts to provide food were commended by President Yoweri Museveni which then encouraged donations of money, vehicles and medical equipment such as protective clothing needed by doctors and nurses.

Ordinary citizens and companies have given the government more than 50 4×4 cars and ambulances, which the authorities now intend to expand into an emergency fleet of 1,300 vehicles, spread around the country.

As the money donated increases so the extra funds will be used to purchase more vehicles.


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