Alhagie Barrow and Horeja Balla Gaye

Alhagie Barrow, lead investigator of the Gambia’s TRRC has married his co-worker Horeja Balla Gaye, the deputy lead counsel on Thursday according to family sources.

The loved-up couple were reported to have had a private traditional wedding ceremony.

Many Gambians took to social media to congratulate the couple and wished them well in their matrimonial life.

Bubacarr Sidiqi Jammeh said “I’m super stoked and happy for my Kotoké Alagie Saidy-Barrow and Horeja Bala Gaye on their wedding. Two amazing human beings.”

Kebba Lang Sanneh said “this is just beautiful. Haters can hate. Their negativity will not pull us back. Love can be found anywhere and everywhere. Don’t listen to the naysayers and their negative vibes about ethics and professionalism. There is nothing unethical or unprofessional about two people meeting, fall in love and tie the knot. That is just beautiful. Congrats to both the bride and groom. May Allah bless your union.”

Baba Touray said “What a couple. Congratulations to Alhagie Saidy-Barrow and Horeja Balla Gaye. The duo made a fantastic couple. May Allah bless the union.”

Cherno Jobe said “that’s one of the beauties of the TRRC, to connect people and to connect their hearts. Congratulations to them.”

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