Farmers’ spirits have been lifted after big rains finally arrived across much of the country.

Joy could be palpably seen on the faces of farmers after the rainfalls that provided desperately needed water to hectares of pastures and recently sown crops.

The farmers are now hopeful of the 2019 farming season despite little rainfall in over 40 days of the raining season.

The rain took a long break since its started this year in June making it one of the driest farming season.

A country where many of the farmers cultivate millet, groundnut, and coos for both survival and income, are now busy weeding.

Speaking to Haruna Touray, a farmer in the North Bank Region, said the downpour was a huge relief for them.

“It’s a relief for us the farmers. Our skepticism has now gone, thank God,” he said.

Many of the rural villages observed the Eid al Adha on Monday yet some farmers opted to go their farms on Tuesday.

Alieu Bah also expressed optimism about the rains, adding ” the rains will help our crops grow faster.”

Many Agricultural experts have called for the use of alternative crops to substitute the country’s main crops, as climate change continues to hit the continent.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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