The nephew of former president Yahya Jammeh has reacted angrily to an eviction letter sent to his family and claimed the notice  is “illegal”.

Salim Bojang, who lived with her mother Yama Jammeh, was issued with an eviction letter on Saturday asking the family to vacate the property at Paradise Estate which allegedly belonged to one Sankung Fatty.

Speaking to Gambiana in an exclusive interview on Wednesday, Salim Bojang,26, said: “(the) Ministry of Justice doesn’t have any power to issue eviction (notices and that) it is only the court that has that right to issue a legal notice and in fact, how the process went is illegal.”

Mr Bojang added: “The condition is not normal and this is something that we don’t accept and how it happened was inhumane because even a tenant would need three months notice before you sent that tenant out.

“This is where my mother has been living for over 10 years and she has so many of her belongings in the house despite the claim that they owned the house but still we have so many stuffs in the house.” 

Mr Bojang said the people that delivered the eviction letter claimed to be from the Ministry of Justice, adding “it is not normal for a president who bought a house for someone to be taken (away from them) freely like that”.

He described a “climate of witch-hunt” and warned “President Adama Barrow should know that whatever he does now will haunt him once he leaves office. 

“My mum is a single mother and to have her leave the house within 10 days is insensitive because even you (cannot) tell a kid to leave a house within such a short period of time,” he said.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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  1. AvatarYahya K Colley says:

    That’s unlawful for the minister of justice and it’s not justice

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