A Nigerian man whose brother was among 59 West African migrants killed in the Gambia in 2005 has demanded that those responsible be brought to justice as he recalled his brother’s last conversation with him. 

Paul Enagameh was one of 59 West African migrants killed in 2005 by the Junglers, a notorious death squad of former president Yahya Jammeh.

Kehinde Enagameh said his brother, Paul Enagameh, went missing in 2005 while seeking to migrate to Europe.

He said he spoke to Paul a day before the fatal journey, where he gave him a number to call if he wasn’t accessible.

Kehinde added that he learned from a friend that Gambian authorities had arrested and killed his brother, reports SaharaReporters 

“Yes, I spoke to him a day before the fatal journey. He gave me a number to call if I could not get through to him on the phone in Senegal.

“It hurts to know the way he was killed. I miss him every day of my life. I can’t say precisely what I miss most about him. I last saw him in 2003, but we were in touch via emails, yahoo messenger and phone calls up to July 2005 when they were killed.

“From what we learnt from recent revelations in the Gambia and the sole survivor of the massacre, they were on their way via boat from Senegal to connect a vessel in the Gambia but were arrested by Gambian security personnel before they could reach the ship, and they were brutally murdered on the order of former Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh.”

Jammeh’s 22-year rule was marked by widespread abuses, including forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, and arbitrary detention.

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