An intelligence officer has detailed his brutal torture by his colleagues at the once feared National Intelligence Agency over accusation of aiding separatist rebels in Casamance, Southern Senegal. 

Kebba Secka, who is now the Operations Director of a reformed NIA, was testifying before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission on Wednesday.

Mr Secka, 49, said he got into trouble after a Casamance rebels was arrested by some of his colleagues at the NIA. 

He said he was taken into custody and accused of working with the separatist rebels without providing any details. 

He added that at the NIA he was stripped naked by one Edirisa Jobe and “mercilessly tortured”.

“Edirisa Jobe started shouting and insulting my mother and he came towards me and stripped me off, put handcuffed on me and started beating me. All over, he called Lamin Darboe to join him in the beating,” Mr Secka explained, putting his palms around his face.

“They were using wires and I have to struggle to lie on my stomach to protect my face.

“I gave them my back, legs and everywhere except my face. It lasted for 20 minutes then Babucarr RK Jallow intervened and told them to stop the beating and let me speak out and they should find out first.” 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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