Sidia Jatta on Monday said short term consideration in the drafting of laws has delayed the Gambia’s progress for over 22 years.

The National Assembly member for Wuli West made this statement during a debate on the Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2020.

Mr Jatta told parliament that the reason why the local government bill is amended nine times since 2002 “is because it was amended for a particular purpose”, adding “when parochialism characterises legislation, there is a problem and that is the problem confronting the country.

“We are having problem with legislation because we are parochial in our consideration of the law that we make and that is dangerous for this country and that is what has deterred this country for 22 years and we are now repeating it.”

The veteran politician and ardent socialist admonished lawmakers not to speak as politicians but legislators when debating the bill, noting that “the laws are not made for individuals but for generality to serve purpose for posterity.

“If you make a law for an individual when that person goes, that law becomes redundant. I think we have to re-think. 

“We are lawmakers and the country hangs on our soldiers in terms of law, which we must make to promote the prosperity and well-being of our people”.

Mr Jatta said lawmakers should be honourable and work in the interests of their constituents. 

“Colonialism is gone and it is the people who decide and it is the people who must be in control and if you (as a lawmaker) want to abuse their powers, the constitution empowers them to kick you out”.

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