The Gambia Centre for Victims of Human Rights Violations has asked the Defence minister Shiekh Omar Faye to “immediately withdraw” his “callous statement” about victims of the Jammeh regime. 

The Victims Centre’s comment comes after Mr Faye in an interview on the For the People By the People show said: “Let us suck it up, Let us understand that we made mistakes. Let us stop crying over spilled milk. Let us look for a way out. Let us move on” making reference to the victims of human rights violations of the former Jammeh regime. 

“We therefore call on Hon. Faye to urgently withdraw his irresponsible and callous statement and apologize to all the victims of human rights violations of the former regime and honorably resign from his portfolio as a minister or be sacked by the President,” the Victims Centre said in a statement.

“This demeaning and highly insensitive statement is coming at a time when the TRRC is at the tail end of its mandate and subsequent submission of its final report and recommendations to the government. 

“This statement coming from a Cabinet Minister is perceived as a threat that may affect the implementation of TRRC recommendations by the government as well as the healing process of victims.

“The Victims Centre is dismayed by this frivolous statement from Hon. Faye, and as a result, the Center cannot let it go without expressing its repugnance to such irresponsible and callous remarks.”

“It’s totally unacceptable and deserves absolute condemnation to the strongest terms. As a cabinet minister, he ought to speak responsibly and advocate for swift deliverance of justice for all victims,” the statement added.

Mr Faye served in various roles including Gambia ambassador to the US in the former Jammeh regime. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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