A top official of 3 Years Jotna group has said in defiance that the government “can’t bar them from raising funds” after police shutdown their fundraising show.

On Saturday, police stopped figures of the movement from entering Semega Janneh Hall to hold a fundraising event, requesting the group to obtain a permit.

Many of the movement supporters and some activists condemned police action “as infringement of their human rights”.

Speaking to Gambiana in an exclusive interview, Sherrifo Sonko said: “it is a foul play for police to block us from organising a fundraising programme.

“But they can’t stop us from raising funds, because someone has donated 100,000 dalasis to us and others are also coming with their donation.”

According to Mr. Sonko, his movement would not relent on their demand “until President Barrow stepdown from power”, adding “no one spoon-fed him to say he is going to stepdown after three years in office.”

The anti-Barrow pressure group last month organised a huge rally with thousands of protesters demanding that the president stepdown.

The group, which claims to hold the president accountable for his election promises, is planning another protest on January 19 to ramp up the pressure on President Barrow

But the president in his new year’s message reaffirmed his commitment to serve the full five year term.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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