President Adama Barrow’s adviser has told Essa Faal to resign from politics after his spat with YouTuber Baba Jah.

Dou Sano made his comment about the former TRRC lead counsel and presidential contender after a video of him quarrelling with National People’s Party supporter Bab Jah went viral. 

Sano said: “I am disappointed and scared about what I have seen in the video of someone who knows the law and works in the law. He is someone who Gambians have commended for his good job [during the TRRC hearings] but what he has shown today is disappointing.

“What I saw in the video is Essa Faal standing with his gang and Baba Jah exchanging bad words which shouldn’t have happened.”

He continued: “Someone who wants to lead this country having his gang attacking people is very sad. 

“Therefore, if you give that person the country to lead where he will command the soldiers and the police and their rifles then is likely many Gambians will go to exile.”

“I expect Essa Faal who learned the law and work to earn his wealth as a lawyer, I think if anyone offended you before taking any action, you should have used the law by reporting the matter to the police.”

Sano added: “Let me tell you what you are doing is wrong. You have power in your home but if you come to the street no one is powerful here, the law governs everybody in the street. 

“The law will not accept anyone to attack anyone in the street. If I, am you today, Essa Faal, you should dismantle your political movement or resign from politics because if you are in politics, you see and hear everything.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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