The leader of Citizens’ Alliance, Dr Ismaila Ceesay, has said his government will build  thousands of houses and create thousands of jobs for Gambians.

Dr Ceesay who was speaking about his party’s 10-point promises, said: “A government will transform the country from a low income nation to a middle income economy where inclusive growth is assured.”

He said this is important because 48% of Gambians live in poverty and the country is considered the 8th poorest country in the world with a debt GDP ratio of 78% and the budget deficit of D5.99 billion which is 5.61% of GDP.

Dr Ceesay added:”low revenue lead to high budget deficit saying the Gambia`s debt stock is D79 billion and 48% of internally generated fund which is not sustainable.

“My government will find different innovative models to generate fund to make funding for public investing projects. 

“The civil service will also be supportive to make sure they are at the need of the citizenry so that CA government could fight corruption and also to motivate the civil service because if you are working under the government, your salary is poor and the material you need at work are not available it will be very difficult most especially if you are the head of the family.

“There will be structural at state owned enterprises to make sure their primary purpose to serve the people and finance delivery is enhanced, lack of job opportunity is also a concern which the Citizen Alliance government is ready to address.

“As the country’s general unemployment ratio is 35% especially the youth unemployment which is 41.5%.

“Therefore CA promise to provide hundred thousand jobs but also to increase the wages of people and provide scheme for women to access finance.

“Today those who are working only 4% earn more than D10,000 in a month.”

He said his government will create hundred thousand houses for low-income earners who are below Grade 10 for the first phase because the salary is too small that it cannot provide you a house, adding “working under the government for 40 years till you are retired from the government you cannot built a house for yourself, this is what the CA government want to eradicate when they came to power.”

He added: “we will equip all security sectors to ensure security for the people and their goods but also it is a concern in rising number of accidents in the country that the CA government want to tackle to make sure there is safety in our roads to limit the number of accidents in the country by expanding the roads and strengthen public transport.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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