Prices of basic commodities including food and clothing have escalated across the country especially within the Greater Banjul as the Muslim feast of Eid ul Fitr locally known as Korite approaches.

Korite season is a period when a majority of the Gambian population, who are Muslims, spend fortune on shopping new clothes, shoes as well as foodstuff to celebrate Eid festivities. 

But this year’s feast has been marred by skyrocketing prices on basic commodities despite the government announcement to address the problem.

“We are going through hardship and frustration which is unbearable for the mind and heart to accept it.

“This is what is happening in this country today because the merchandise is expensive and inflation in the country which is also a major challenge.

“If we buy from outside country, you come and sell here you don’t have anything,” Lamin Touray said.

“If we don’t look at personal interests except the Gambia`s interest, what we want we will have that in this country, but we will face only difficulties we consider personal interests,” he added.

Amadou called on government officials to see the Gambia first before individual interests, adding that the positions they hold are for them to help the people.

“Even if you are appointed by the president, the president himself is appointed by the people. 

“The government officials should help in rescuing this country from the direction it is heading towards, by changing their attitudes and the Gambians also change their attitudes then the country can go forward. 

“What most of us think now is that our feeding is based on survival of the fittest meaning what you have is what you are going to feed on, even if others are going to die just to have what you want, this is what is happening today,” he said. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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