The former AFPRC junta spokesman, Ebou Jallow, has accused the TRRC counsel, Essa Faal, of making “an outrageous lie” against him with regards to a $35m Taiwanese loan to the then Junta.

Ebou Jallow was mentioned during Wednesday’s session of the TRRC when Counsel Faal quoted a statement said to have been made by Jallow.

However, Jallow had denied making any such statement to the TRRC and said the accusation against him were untrue.

Below is Ebou Jallow’s statement asking the TRRC to set the record straight

“On the 16th April 2019, during the TRRC Day 44 hearings, the Lead Counsel Essa Faal, made a statement claiming that I, Ebou Jallow, quote “published that from the money that was received from Taiwan; he brought $5M cash to Yaya Jammeh…, and that from that money Yaya Jammeh gave him Ebou Jallow $100, 000…” suggesting therein that monies were distributed among the members of AFPRC from the $35M loan from Taiwan. I want to hereby inform the TRRC that this statement is slanderous to me, and I hereby demand the TRRC to retract this outrageous lie before the public for the record. I have never made any formal statement to the TRRC beyond my resignation letter from the AFPRC dated in October 1995 which I forwarded through Facebook to a lady, Fatou Camara, who claimed to be working for the Commission.

“The Lead Counsel’s statements became more sinister when the former Attorney General of the AFPRC Mr. Mustapha Marong attempted to concoct a disgusting conspiracy theory during the hearings weaving a mendacious connection between the $35M loan and Ousman Koro Ceesay’s death on 22 June 1995. Mr. Marong further lied before the Commission that I called Master Ceesay in his presence from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This is a total fabrication from a reckless mind with no conscience. I was never at Addis Abba, nor did I ever call Master Ceesay from anywhere at the instance of Koro’s death.

“I am deeply appalled by the pervasive mendacity on display during this hearing led by the lead counsel himself who never fails to demonstrate his inquisitorial prowess with witnesses whom he deems either incredible or dimwitted.
I render myself available to testify to the TRRC in the pursuit of the truth and justice in the Gambia in order to set the record straight about what really happened to Ousman Koro Ceesay.”

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