File photo of a man in handcuffs

Operatives of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency announced the arrest of Kemo Saidy, 40, with one pallet and two wraps of suspected cocaine at Secret Bar and Club in Senegambia.

The suspect, a resident of Sanchaba who claimed be a businessman, is presently in custody while investigations continue. 

According to the agency, some of the night clubs, bars, restaurants and joints within the Senegambia strip are used as hubs to deal in and openly abuse prohibited and controlled drugs. 

“It is rather unfortunate that some of the proprietors and Managers of these places promote these nefarious activities as means of promoting their businesses, attracting more customers and increasing their market share and profit margin irrespective of the devastating consequences on society and the nations at large.

“While some of the entrepreneurs operating around these areas heeded to our call and implemented stringent measures aimed at ensuring that their business environments remain safe, secure and conducive,” the agency said.

It continued: “There are some who are still heedless and hellbent on promoting their businesses by encouraging and entertaining prohibited activities and criminal related behaviour and conduct.

“The owners were advised to ensure that they put in place adequate measures to prevent and discourage such illicit activities within their business premises because the consequences remain highly devastating on very young youth who end up getting hooked and addicted to these drugs.”

The agency added that it will continue to target those identified to be the dealers and suppliers. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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