Tourism minister Hamat Bah

Hamat Bah, the Tourism and Culture minister, is under fire for statement that was viewed by many as stoking tribalism in The Gambia. 

Mr Bah could be heard in a video circulating on social media at a rally held at the State House branding opposition politicians as “mice” waiting for opportunities to enter the corridors of power and warned people not to vote for them.

Gambians from all walks of life have took to social media to condemn his “divisive statement” demanding President Adama Barrow to sack the controversial Tourism minister.

Oley Dibba-Wadda of the opposition United Democratic Party said Mr Bah’s “inflammatory” statement was “unacceptable”. 

She said: “It is rather unfortunate that “a sitting Minister” would make such unacceptable public remarks in the name of politics.  

“We should rise above this.  “If they go low; we go high”.  But when they go this low, we should speak out against it.  Utterly disappointing to say the least.”

Dr Ismaila Ceesay of the Citizens Alliance also condemned Mr Bah’s statement as “disgraceful”. 

He said: “Hamat Bah’s tribal and demeaning statement is despicable and disgraceful. Politicians of his ilk will undermine and destroy the peaceful and socially cohesive nature of our nation. We urge @BarrowPresident to condemn this shameful & potentially destructive statement.”

Muhammed L Darboe said:”this is irresponsible statement from this useless and corrupt minister who couldn’t change anything.”

Alhasan Bah said:”The President must sack Hamat Bah for this remark. Gambians must not accept such statements by a sitting minister.”

“Barrow-led government MUST condemn the Tourism and Culture for calling opposition leaders rats as well as stoking the flames of tribalism in Gambia,” Yankuba Manneh said.

“Gambians deserve better than divide and rule,” Fadera Adama said.

Sheriff Jarju also said:”the bigotry that came out of the State House is so disturbing.”

Citizen Jarju advised Gambians:”Don’t be emotionally driven by the sycophancy of this clown.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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