The Ministry of Transport, Works, and Infrastructure yesterday (29 March) introduced a route licensing scheme for commercial vehicles.

The scheme according to the ministry seeks to improve the overall efficiency of the transport system in the country.

It targets commercial vehicles with ten seater and above, and it will start on April 4.

“The scheme shall apply to commercial vehicles that are licensed to carry ten (10) passengers and above. 

“Any vehicle that plies these routes and falls under the above categories of vehicles should register for one route with the Ministry’s officials who will be going around the designated destinations (Banjul, Serekunda, Bakoteh, former Tippa Garage, Brusubi, Coastal Road, and Brikama),” spokesman of the Transport ministry Lamin Njie said.

“It is important to note that any vehicle that does not register for one of the above routes cannot ply the routes. Drivers who fail to register for a route and want to ply will not be allowed. 

“Registration for obtaining the permit and stickers will start on Wednesday 30th March 2022 at the above garages and the official launching of the scheme is scheduled for Monday 4th April 2022. 

“In this regard, all transport operators (drivers and vehicle owners) are urged to comply to ensure swift implementation of this important initiative,” he added.

“In order to ensure smooth implementation of the scheme, selected routes will be piloted. This pilot will include the following routes: 

Banjul – Westfield 101, 

Banjul – Brikama 102, 

Banjul – Bakau 103, 

Banjul – Serekunda 104, 

Banjul – Tippa Garage 105, 

Banjul – Tabokoto 106, 

Westfiled – Tabokoto 201, 

Westfiled – Banjulinding 202, 

Westfiled – Brikama 203, 

Westfiled – Coastal Road 204, 

Westfiled – Bakau 205, 

Tabokoto – Brikama 301, 

Lamin – Brikama 401, 

Brikama – Coastal Road 501, 

Brikama – Turntable 502, 

Serekunda – Tabokoto 603, 

Serekunda – Coastal Road 601, Serekunda – Banjulinding 604, 

Serekunda – Brikama 602, 

Serekunda – Bakau 603, 

Serekunda – Terminal 605.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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