Henry Gomez has asked President Adama Barrow to get into business amid rise in commodity prices.

According to Gomez, Barrow’s involvement in business will help the country tackle price “hardship”.

“My advice to Adama Barrow and his government is: let them go into business. 

We have seen it here during the fuel scarcity. 

“If Adama Barrow hadn’t empowered GNPC what would have happened today? Let them go into business and empower the young people into agriculture. This is the only way to eradicate poverty in the country,” he said.

Gomez is the former leader of Gambia Party for Democracy and Progress (GPDP) and failed presidential aspirant. He is now a staunch Barrow supporter and campaigner.

He added: “You cannot give full democracy in Africa. If you attempt it, they will bite your fingers and dance on your head. It has to stop. 

“This nonsense has to stop. The killings are too much. I believe home for the homeless but no mercy for the merciless.”

Gomez continued: “The indiscipline some of them are doing, they are not doing it to President Adama Barrow, but they are tarnishing the name of The Gambia. 

“They know they and Adama Barrow in the street, they dare not to say such words in his face. The nation is developing but ourselves are not developing because of our selfish interest.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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