Veteran Gambian journalist and activist Fatou Jaw Manneh has denied joining the United Democratic Party (UDP).

Mrs Jaw Manneh, who was rumoured to have joined UDP, took to Facebook on Sunday to deny any affiliation with the opposition party. 

“If UDP is a religion, it is not my faith and I am not a member neither a follower . I will never be bullied into joining any party in the Gambia,” she said. 

She expressed her dismay in the manner which prominent Gambians have been hamstrung to joining the opposition party.

“I was hopeful that after a brutal dictatorship we have formed a comraderie that will transcend partisanship and encourage dialogue on parties and policies that will take Gambia to a new democratic dispensation. 

“But God, I was wrong. The current political horizon is murky and I will not be bullied to party cultism.”

The activist said she will continue her social justice fight in the Kombos. She was one of 16 people from the Kombos recently arrested over a land dispute with government officials. 

“I will continue to sensitize the people of Kombo to vote tactically for the benefit and interest of their communities. 

“For over 40 years kombongkas are clapping behind political parties who don’t have their interest at heart. Now they must choose wisely or cut to the chase  eventually forming,  involving encouraging their own people into politics. 

“Their lands have been butchered by reckless corrupt government officials and locals who have no moral or emotional connection to Kombo.”

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