The exiled Gambian ex-president Yahya Jammeh has told an APRC-GANU rally in Gunjur via telephone that the presidential election in 2016 was rigged in Barrow’s favour. 

Jammeh still maintained that Adama Barrow didn’t defeat him in the last presidential election. 

“In fact in 2016 they didn’t win the election. They rigged the election with the support of some powers,” Jammeh told his supporters.

His remark comes in less than two weeks after sacking the APRC executive over going into an allliance with President Barrow’s National People’s Party without his consent. 

Jammeh, who is currently in exile in Equatorial Guinea, was force to leave office by an Ecowas intervention force after refusing to handover power to President Barrow in January 2017. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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