Leader of Alliance for national reorientation and development (ANRD) has told the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to stop monitoring party agents at voter registration centres.

Lamin Bojang also called on the IEC to stop replacing agents with officials of the inter party committee.

“It is clear to all stakeholders in the election and the registration processes organized by IEC is marred with lots of controversies hence increasing the fear and uncertainties regarding the election 2021,” he said.

According to him, the way things are being done can cause election conflicts and add to the fragility of already disintegrated society.

“The way Gambians are being harassing and intimidate at the registration centres, the presence and involvement of party supporters directly in the registration processes and the partisan manner the local authorities are the handling verification, the inadequate registration centres are few of the great concerns and shows that IEC exhibiting again incompetence in coordinating the voter registration,” the opposition leader said.

Meanwhile, he said they have informed IEC that elections in Africa are always controversial and deadly in most instances, therefore the professional handling of 2021 election in the Gambia must be managed carefully to prevent shaming the country.

Mr Bojang said Gambians must not be harassed or intimidated at any point in the conduct of 2021 election, adding “the custodian to ensure a workable just, hinge free and peaceful election 2021 so far does not show that assurance.”

By Adama Makasuba

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