A single mother of three, Tida Gomez, of Barra Mansa was named among the 63 victims of the tragic boat accident off the coast of Mauritania on Wednesday. She was reported to have died along with her daughter, Diya Sarr.

Tida’s brother, Abraham Gomez, told Al Jazeera that her sister kept her travel plans secret. She told the family she was travelling for a naming ceremony.

“I got the information about her journey three days after she left here,” he said, with his mother and five sisters wailing and rolling on the ground beside him.

“She was not happy with my mother’s economic situation and so she decided to risk her life,” he said.

Many of the victims were young Gambians who like Tida were running away from the dire economic situations in their homeland.

The boat, believed to be carrying 195 migrants, left the coastal town of Barra, in the North Bank Region of the Gambia on November 27 headed towards Spain’s Canary Islands.  

It’s capsized off the coast of Mauritania after being stranded in the Atlantic Ocean for a weak with low food, fuel and water, according to the UN migration agency.

63 migrants were confirmed dead while 83 others were rescued after swarming ashore in rough seas. 47 are declared missing as the Mauritanian Coast Guard mount a search and recovery efforts.

This tragedy is the single biggest loss of Gambian lives since the illegal migration route to Europe started in 2012.

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