Halifa Sallah

As we enter 2020, one could rightly call it the year of divergent views on how to build a new Gambia. A new constitution is to be crafted but opinions are divided on the content. Promises of a three-year term for a transitional president was made in 2016 but a five-year term is embraced by the president. Claims and counter claims are being made as to what should happen on 20th January 2019 after the president serves a three-year term.

All Gambians are entitled to freedom of expression, freedom to assembly and demonstrate peacefully and freedom to write petition to the president. All these freedoms have been exercised in 2019 and will continue to be exercised in 2020.

We are all equal in sovereignty and none has more than one vote in electing a representative of any category.

However, if the nation is to endure and our freedom and rights protected, the guards and fences of these freedoms should be fully understood and embraced by all Gambians who treasure the sovereignty of our people and the sovereignty of our country.

It is incontrovertible that the exercise of power must be restrained by the recognition and respect of rights and all must be bound by the guards and fences of conscience and law.

As we put 2019 behind us, Gambians must ensure that our words and actions in exercising power and rights must be safeguarded by the guards and fences of conscience and law. Once we stay within such bounds, peace and justice will never elude us and dignity, liberty, and prosperity would be our birth right that would lay claim to without hindrance and further bequeath them to generations yet unborn.

This should be the quest of all Gambians if we want our nation to be a shining example on the face of the earth.

PDOIS calls on you to become a new Gambian who is got to build a new Gambia for all. 

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  1. I am proud of you mr sallah how would the gambia be without you may almighty Allah bless you guide you through the process.

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