Let it be clear we unreservedly condemn the attack on Mr. Nyang Njie, for his freedom of expression and political views as a citizen. 

In a democracy, no one should be assaulted or violently attacked for his views, whatever they are. Disagree with your opponent, take on your opponents’ most persuasive and potent arguments, and respect his rights.

Let it clarifies that we strongly condemn the unpleasant incident that occurred in Banjul on the alleged physical attack and threats on Mr. Nyang Njie. 

All mob lynchings whomever the victims are. The alleged violent attack on Mr. Nyang Njie in Banjul is reprehensible. We need to create a society where no group of people feels free to take the law into their own hands.

We demanded action against anti-national elements and the intervention of the Inspector General of Police.  

Attacks on those who expressed dissent destroyed the idea of pluralism and violated the Constitution’s ground rules of freedom of speech and expression.

Those who are carrying out mob lynchings and mob violence are attacking the ground rules of our democracy. 

The ground rule of our democracy is that we can disagree with each other without harming or using violence.

The alleged attack on Nyang Njie in Banjul showed that there is no place for dissent. We cannot and should not stand by hooliganism; the rule of law should prevail. 

We urge the Inspector General of Police to break his silence and seek action against anti-national elements.

By Alagi Yorro Jallow

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