Coronavirus patients have to wait for hours to be seen by medical experts as the health system is overwhelmed by the surge in new cases. 

A man who tested positive for coronavirus told Gambiana that despite his status he was still waiting for specialist medical personnel from the Ministry of Health Covid-19 response team to take him for treatment.

The patient was among hundreds of people who took part in a mass testing on Monday.

The man said he was called by health workers on Wednesday that he tested positive for the disease, and promised that they would come for him.

But he said he was still waiting for them after many hours. 

“I am still waiting for the healthcare officers in my house as they promised to come for me but they never turn up. I had called them on several occasions but they never receive my calls,” he told Gambiana.

“This government is not serious with COVID-19. Imagine someone tested positive for such (a) serious communicable disease. 

“Government cannot make effort to take that person to a health facility with all the funds of COVID- 19 in the country,” he added.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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