President Adama Barrow

By Adama Makasuba

The Gambian President Adama Barrow has slammed his critics as “irrelevant”, saying most of his critics on social media “cannot even mobilise ten people for a gathering”.

President Barrow told a political rally in Brikama over the weekend.

The Barrow-led government seems to be in panic mood after they bought a water cannon truck which was confirmed by his Interior Minister, Ebrima Mballow to be used on protesters.

However, many Gambians rejected the Minister’s remark, describing it as “irresponsible”.
Meanwhile, the Gambian leader specifically pointed out the Diaspora Gambians for allegedly accusing him of ‘refusing to give them jobs’. He called on the Diaspora Gambians “to instead return home and help build the country”.

“When I see people in the Diaspora complaining on social media that President Barrow refuses to give them jobs, this surprises me because I was also in the Diaspora and when I decided to come home I was not expecting a job from anyone. I came with my own plans to do something in this country and I earned a living and was able to do a lot,” he said.

He said that “most of the people ranting and criticizing him on the social media cannot even mobilise ten people for a gathering.”

The president also slammed those he described as “so-called educated elites”, saying that “they were nowhere to be seen when they were desperately needed.”

“The time I was elected as flag-bearer all these knowledgeable Gambians both in the Diaspora and within the country were all around. All the PhD holders were here and no one came forward. But today if you advertise it on the newspapers we’ll see a different story.”


  1. AvatarHabibou Barry says:

    Tell him that those on social media whom he says can’t gather ten people are those who made the coalition a success, those elites he is point fingers at are those who dictated the course of the coalition.
    The only thing he needs to know is he is not hired to be a griot he is hired for a three years contract which time is almost due.
    So if he wants popularity let him respect the agreement.

    • AvatarAbdoulie Baldeh says:

      Sham sham shame, why exchange constitution for an MOU? Even the Coalition did not know at that time, the contradictions.

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