The APRC breakaway faction supported by ex-president Yahya Jammeh today vowed to continue opposing an alliance with President Adama Barrow’s party after police broke off their press conference.

Jerending Sanyang, one of the leaders of the group arrested by police, said their presser was not “illegal”. 

He told told journalists few minutes before his that: “You see these people [the police] they said they have come for me and I don’t know why they come for me; I don’t know yet why they have come for me. 

“But they called from the station and I am going to answer to them [and] now they will tell me what they need from us and I am going [to the station].

“I have never seen somebody applying for a permit to hold a press conference, I [have] never seen such. I feel I will meet only peace [at the police station] because I have not violated the law and I have not killed anyone.” 

Sanyang added: “The press conference that I want to hold and I didn’t say anything that they will say I have said anything that violated the laws of the country.

“Because I am a citizen of this country and I have the right to exercise my duties, so I believe I will only meet peace at the station and nothing else.

“We are not supporting Barrow and we will never support Barrow and we are ready for anything. We are APRC and we will never support Barrow.”

Yahya Tamba, another leader of the APRC breakaway faction, said the press conference was meant to discuss the current situation of the APRC party in order to bring together supporters of the party under one umbrella.

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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