The Gambia government has been urged to drop all charges against eighteen imams arrested and charged with violating the coronavirus lockdown. restrictions.

Many of the imams were arrested after holding Friday congregational prayers during the nationwide shutdown of mosques to help curb spread of coronavirus.

Brufut Caliph General and leader of the Rawdatul Majalis, Sheriff Muhammed Sanusi Hydara urged the government to drop the charges against the imams. 

Imam Hydara said the imams are playing a vital role in society and are held in high esteem by their communities, adding “they should not see themselves in such situation as it can tarnish their image.”

“True Islamic scholars are always peace makers not peace brokers, so I am urging the authorities concern to withdraw the charges against all the 18 Imams for sake of Islamic religion and forge ahead as One People and One Nation.

“I will welcome with joy if the authorities drop the charges against the said Imams and allow them to perform their religious functions as Islamic scholars without fear or intimidation.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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