Longtime political allies Halifa Sallah and Sidia Jatta have been praised for their courageous efforts in ending dictatorship in the country. 

The veteran politicians played leading role in the campaign to return The Gambia to democratic rule.

The praise was made by up-and-coming politician Mamadi Kurang today (12 May) at a press conference held at the PDOIS political bureau in Churchill’s Town.

 Before the parliamentary election independent candidate Mamadi Kurang entered a coalition arrangement with PDOIS. 

The presser was called to brief the media on their views of the recent parliamentary elections in the country.

“Now how do you explain that when you have a democracy and you have people who call themselves democrats,” Mr Kurang said. 

“We worked for this democracy, we all worked to make sure that dictatorship goes off. Credit to the two honorable sitting with me and every Gambian can testify to that they have sacrificed a lot to make sure that dictatorship gives way to a democracy.”

“So, we expected a dividend to come that we owe to The Gambian people, we don’t owe to Adama Barrow or any specific person. The people who voted to change the system are people we owe it to. They expected a dividend,” he added. 

“Just like what people ask me during the campaign, what is the cause of inflation, I said it seems like that what we voted for because when we say inflation, economists will say simply too much money favouring few groups,” he said. 

Reporting by Adama Makasuba

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