The Ministry of Education has denied receiving funds to fight the deadly coronavirus as they introduced new learning methods for students to take lessons through radio and television stations across the country.

The Ministry last month projected an amount of 35 million dalasis to cover the 21 days of distance learning for student. The lockdown has been extended to 45 days by the Barrow administration after getting the approval of the National Assembly. 

approved additional 45 days of public emergency seeking to fight the respiratory disease.

Scores of critics have laid into the ministry over the proposed 35 million dalasis cost of distance learning calling it “a waste” of meagre resources. 

But on Thursday the Ministry dispelled  rumours making rounds that it has received the D35 million from the central government.

“Contrary to the rumours that 35 million dalasis have been given to the ministry, I want to state that to date no single butut has been received by this Ministry towards the fight against COVID-19,” said the Ministry’s permanent secretary, Ebrima Sisawo. 

He added: “The total amount spent on these activities is on two components -one is the payment to media houses which is as follows: 900,000 dalasis is to be paid to GRTS, the same amount is to be paid to QTV.

“200,000 dalasis is to be paid to Star TV, 65,217.39 dalalsis to be paid to each radio stations of the total of 27 radio stations are engaged to carry out this activity.”

Reporting by Adama Makasuba 

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