Police have issued a warning to party agents to “immediately” stop interfering with the voter registration process.

“It has come to the attention of the Office of the Inspector General of Police that certain individuals, political party agents and militants are interfering with the voter registration process especially on citizenship matters. 

“This practice is unlawful. Consequently, party agents and militants are urged to desist from such practices with immediate effect. 

“The laws of The Gambia are very clear about citizenship and there are state institutions responsible for regulation and enforcement of laws on citizenship. 

“Therefore, individuals not mandated by law have no authority to question people’s citizenship or eligibility for voter registration.

“Equally, the electoral laws of The Gambia clearly outline the criteria for registration for voters’ cards and as well stipulated the body responsible for overseeing the electoral process. 

“In view of the above, any individual who is not mandated by the laws or the electoral body must not interfere with the process. Party agents designated and recognized by the IEC to observe the registration process for accountability purposes are hereby advised to do so in accordance with the laws governing the process,” a statement from the police said.

“Concerns, queries and observations must be channelled through respective party heads for redress with the appropriate institutions. 

“They must not be seen in any way interfering or attempting to interfere with individuals registering or the registration process, as they have no such mandate. 

“Similarly, political party leaders are urged to sensitise and encourage their militants to observe law and order at all times especially during the voter registration process, to enable them to operate within the parameters of the law for peaceful and violence free electoral process. 

“The public, party agents and militants found wanting of violations will be dealt with in accordance with the laws. The cooperation and understanding of the public is highly solicited,” the statement added.

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